Frequently Asked Questions


Does KTC only do new implementations from scratch?

Although fun, we understand that sometimes things change and projects change hands. Should a client request us to assist, we will most definitely take a look and see whether or not the project falls within our scope of services, and whether we feel comfortable that we would be able to give the client the benefit they deserve by taking us on board. If not, we believe in being honest, but we will still at least try to advise the client as to where to turn for help if we don't get involved directly.

At which point in time should we get KTC on board? Does KTC only start during the implementation phase of projects, or do you sometimes get involved earlier? And at which point in the project does your services stop?

KTC prefers to get involved in projects as early as possible. This gives us the benefit of making sure that the client does not end up hearing promises that we are unable to deliver, and we can make sure that any commitment made is truly attainable. We are perfectly comfortable already assisting as early as an RFP, we have helped many clients with that! And throughout, all the project life stages offer areas we are comfortable assisting in. And if the coffee is good? We'll even stay after the project and assist with Support if you need us to stick around!

How long do you expect a typical project to take?

How long is a piece of string? It all depends on what the implementation entails. We have done implementations where we worked with a client from beginning till end in under three months. Other projects have been going for more than three years and going strong! We understand, however, that you may not feel comfortable making such a big commitment from the outset. KTC tries to implement solutions in a phased approach that offers client benefit as early as possible. This also extends to our implementation philosophy.

Implementation Philosophy... Stages... Does that mean that you believe in doing everything the Waterfall-model-way?

Not at all. Our implementations usually follow a modified Agile approach as most clients are familiar with the technique, but if a client prefers to go true Waterfall, we are happy to accommodate. What we are opposed to, is letting the methodology influence the actual solution. Whatever methodology is being followed, the solution always needs to fulfil the client's needs, and if this becomes a problem, we sit with our clients and re-group.

So you are a Microsoft House, 'eh? What if we prefer working on a different platform?

Our main platform of choice is, indeed, Microsoft. We focus on the Microsoft platform for it's holistic approach to business solutions, ranging from productivity to ERP, from knowledge work to number crunching. That being said, if a client asks for a solution, we focus on the solution and not the platform or technology. Being platform-agnostic means we have the flexibility to design the best possible solution for our clients before trying to set it down on a platform; and sometimes this might actually disqualify Microsoft's offerings.

Does that mean you work on any platform?

Unfortunately, no. We try to be as flexible as possible, but much as we enjoy getting our hands dirty with new technologies, sometimes we simply feel that our clients would not get the quality and skills that they deserve if we continue working. In this case, we might refer the client to someone better qualified or more familiar with the platform to assist them.

You have mentioned Support earlier. Do you offer a support agreement?

Absolutely! We offer a Service Level Agreement(SLA) to customers wishing to use us for Support on their solutions or platforms. Our approach to our SLA is similar to that of our projects, meeting the need of the customer. Whether you need a few hours a month or a more substantial amount of support hours, we tailor our agreement to suit your needs.

Is there anything you can do for our company? We're not a big corporate like all these companies with their fancy ERP solutions!

Good news! At KTC, our focus is not on licensing revenue in the same way many of the larger partners are! Because we're a smaller outfit, we prefer to rather focus on our services than on licensing revenue. This gives us the freedom to build solutions on platforms other than the full-scale Enterprise solutions most partners would like clients to use. Should a client wish to use a smaller, custom solution instead of a deployment on a large ERP, we are happy to assist. When we feel the client could actually benefit from an ERP after all, we are experienced in assisting our clients to find the most cost-effective solution for their needs, again focusing on what the client needs, and not on the commission we would get from selling licenses!

Your stuff looks good, and your referrals are solid. We'd like to have you assist us, but we've made such a big investment into Tool X already, that we can't afford to give it up...

Great! You've made an investment! This is good news for us, as it means you've already done some serious thinking in your business. And by no means do we expect you to give up your investment. Instead, if we can, we would like to help you find ways to leverage Tool X and bring it into any new functionality you might need. We are quite experienced at building integrations with other bespoke/third-party solutions, so if you want to have a chat with us, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Your business cards and letterhead says "Johannesburg - Pretoria - Port Elizabeth". Do you only operate in these three centres?

Not at all. We have a physical presence in these three cities, but we are entirely virtual. We have active clients in Australia, New Zealand, Rustenburg and Jozi. And a lot of places in between. If you need us on-site, we can discuss the travel arrangements, but we go where we are needed if the job calls for it.

You're a small company, competing in the big league. We like that! But our company is big on paperwork and red tape. How do you feel about that?

Not a problem at all! We spent quite a few years working for a large corporate together, where we honed our admin and protocol-skills. Compliance? Not a problem! Process/Procedure? Ditto! Documentation? We even had our own logos custom-made for it! We're quite particular about our own documentation and quality, which makes adapting to a corporate client environment quite seamless...

We would like to hear some referrals from your existing customers. Could this be arranged?

Absolutely! We don't keep these online as we believe referrals should be fresh. We are constantly doing new work for our clients, so chances are there might be more to brag about. Just reach out, and we'll arrange for you as quickly as we can!